Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Elliott wave analysis of AUD/USD - Is correcting the first impulsive decline from 0.7835

AUD/USD - Is correcting the first impulsive decline from 0.7835 

On April 15 I called for a top in AUD/USD in the 0.7780 - 0.7800 area (you can see that post by clicking here). The top was seen at 0.7835 and has since moved lower in an impulsive fashion and the first impulsive decline terminated at 0.7141 and is now being corrected by wave 2 of [5]. 
Once the correction in wave 2 is over near 0.7409 a new impulsive decline in wave 3 of [5] should be seen towards at least 0.6690 and most likely even lower to the extension target at 0.6263, before it will be corrected by wave 4 of [5]. 
This is a perfect example of the power of Elliott Wave Analysis. First spotting the top almost to perfection and the collecting 650 pips just on the first impulsive wave lower. To enjoy more calls like this, join the EWS as a member and be ahead of the rest. 
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