Thursday, May 4, 2017

Elliott wave analysis of AUD/NZD - Time for acceleration and extension

AUD/NZD - Daily

AUD/NZD - 4 Hourly 

 Time for acceleration and extension 

 AUD/NZD is about to enter into wave iii/ of iii of 3/ of 3, which normally is the most powerful of the impulsive waves. This is the wave which accelerates the most and the wave where the largest extension normally is seen, so you don't want to miss this wave when it starts to unfold. 

The first good indication that the next impulsive rally is developing, will be seen upon a break above minor resistance seen at 1.0811, while a break above resistance at 1.0936 will accelerate prices higher 1.1463 and 1.1761, but the long-term target is seen much higher at 1.2350.
This is the wave to behold, so be ready! 
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